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Foot & Ankle Therapy


The South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers treat patients for a variety of conditions that require foot therapy. Foot therapy covers a wide range of treatments for foot pain or ankle pain including custom shoe orthotics, offloading devices, gait analysis, and shoe modifications. The type of foot therapy you need depends on your particular diagnosis. There are different approaches that are appropriate for different conditions that require therapy.

If your foot or ankle needs strength training or if you need to learn to walk a different way, then therapy would be recommended. Custom shoe orthotics or shoe modifications can also help if you need to train your feet to walk differently or need extra support in certain areas. Offloading devices relieve stress and pressure from your foot or ankle to allow it to heal. If you feel that you might need foot and ankle therapy, call us at 561-793-6170 today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced West Palm Beach podiatrists aor podiatrists at one of our other locations across South Florida.

What Is Ankle & Foot Therapy?

Ankle and foot therapies consist of several different treatments that aim to relieve foot pain or ankle pain caused by a variety of conditions. Physical therapy, custom shoe orthotics, shoe modifications, and offloading devices are all forms of foot and ankle therapy that are used to treat foot pain.

How Does Ankle & Foot Therapy Work?

Physical rehabilitation therapy is used to rebuild muscle or retrain movements. Shoe orthotics and shoe modifications are both used to help relieve pain and help you walk in such a way that does not damage your joints, ligaments, and tendons. Offloading devices can be boots, casts, and different types of shoes that allow you to still walk without causing undue stress or pressure to the damaged parts of your foot or ankle while it heals.

What Conditions Are Treated?

Foot and ankle therapy treats a variety of different conditions. Physical therapy can help strengthen and re-train you after a fracture, sprain, or ligament tear. Orthotics and shoe modifications can help train you to walk properly if you have corns, calluses, hammertoe, bunions, and more. Offloading devices can help treat conditions and relieve pain while they heal by taking pressure off of the affected area while still allowing you to walk.

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