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Sprains And Strains Specialist

South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers

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Many people experience sprains and strains in their lifetime, especially if they stay active in sports. The board-certified podiatry team at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers offers treatment services to relieve the pain of sprains and strains. Their offices in Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and Belle Glade, Florida, offer on-site X-rays to quickly evaluate your injury, so you can get the treatment you need without delay. If you need help managing the pain of sprains and strains, call the South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Sprains and Strains Q & A

What are sprains and strains?

Sprains and strains are similar injuries that affect the soft tissues of your feet and ankles. These injuries are common in active individuals and athletes due to overuse of the soft tissues or because of trauma.


A strain is also known as a pulled muscle. This type of injury affects your muscles or tendons, the tissue that connects your muscles to bone. 


Sprains occur when you have an injury in a ligament, the tissue that connects your bones to other bones. 

You can also develop a contusion, bleeding under your skin, which causes a visible, sometimes painful, bruise. 

When should I seek treatment for sprains and strains?

The South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers recommend seeking treatment if you have painful sprains and strains that you can’t treat at home. You should also schedule an evaluation if you have issues moving the affected area due to swelling. 

While sprains and strains can often heal on their own, your condition can worsen without a proper evaluation and medical treatment.

How are sprains and strains diagnosed?

The podiatry team at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers offers in-office evaluations for symptoms of sprains and strains. They review your medical history and perform a physical exam of the area to check your flexibility and range of motion. 

The offices also have on-site X-ray technology to rule out other possible causes of pain, such as fractures and tears in a tendon or muscle. 

Once they understand the severity of your condition, the providers customize a treatment plan that focuses on pain relief and the healing of your soft tissues. 

How are sprains and strains treated?

The physicians at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers have a high success rate of treating soft tissue injuries following the R.I.C.E.  protocol – rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  However, if these methods aren’t enough to relieve your pain and restore your mobility, you might benefit from:


Pain-relievers and anti-inflammatories can ease your symptoms and make it easier for you to do at-home stretches or participate in physical therapy. 


To help your soft tissues heal fully, the providers might recommend bracing your foot or ankle to limit movement in the muscles, ligaments, or tendons. 


If you have a tear in your foot or ankle’s soft tissues, you might be a candidate for surgical repair. 

The South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers team also offers resources to reduce your risk for additional sprains and strains, especially if you’re an athlete or lead a physically active lifestyle. 

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for sprains and strains, call the South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers nearest you or book a consultation online today. You can also visit the center as a walk-in.