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Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp)


You might be wondering what platelet rich plasma treatment is after hearing about its success for sports stars like Metta World Peace, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, and Kobe Bryant. This is a revolutionary and ground breaking new treatment for sports related and other chronic injuries that affect the ligaments, tissue, and joints. It can speed healing, relieve pain, and get you back on your feet quicker than other types of treatments or just letting it heal on its own. Athletes from every professional sport have had success receiving PRP therapy for a myriad of different types of ligament and joint injuries. In the past, they had to travel out of the country to receive platelet rich plasma treatment, but the treatment is now available right here in South Florida.

In some cases receiving platelet rich plasma therapy for sports injuries can prevent surgery. In cases where patients have already had surgery, it has worked to help them heal faster and get back to their regular activities. This revolutionary treatment is not reserved just for professional athletes. Any athlete or anyone suffering from a persistent foot injury or ankle injury can receive this treatment in our offices. If you have a nagging sports injury and would like to explore the possibility of having PRP therapy, call us at 561-793-6170 today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced podiatrists in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas or click here to request an appointment.

What is Platelet rich plasma therapy?

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a procedure done in our offices. Total treatment time is about 2 hours. There is no downtime, patients can return to their regular activities upon leaving the office. A small sampling of the patient’s blood is taken and then put through a process that separates the red blood cells, the white blood cells, the plasma, and the platelets. The white blood cells and the platelets are then combined and injected back into the site of the injury. In most cases, the site heals faster than it normally would have without this type of treatment for sports injuries without any harmful side effects.

How does Platelet rich plasma therapy work?

Platelets are normally the part of the blood that is responsible for healing and growth. PRP therapy provides an accelerated way of delivering the body’s natural healing process with your own concentrated mixture of platelets and white blood cells. Since it is your own blood, there is no risk of rejection, transmitting an infection, and no medicine or chemical aides.

What conditions are treated?

PRP therapy is most well-known in the news for treating sports injuries, however platelet rich plasma treatments can be used on patients with any type of injury to the ligaments, tissue, and joints.

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